One-stop Solution
Is product searching a head-ache for you?  Finding suppliers is easy, but finding a reliable supplier is definitely not.  In addition, will you ever purchase in volume to lower the purchasing price from each supplier before?  In the end, your stock is pretty high with risk?  With us, all these head-ache will be gone.  We offer one-stop solution for our customers, and we insist on the stability, quality and performance of all our products.  So you can easily buy all the items you need with reasonable purchasing quantity.  Besides, shipping fee is another extra credit you could get from one shipment. 

Will you want to have your own brand, model name, bar code, and even your own retail box to avoid the head-ache mentioned above?  According to your request, our packaging is flexible upon your requests.  We offer OEM package for our partners.  HDD installation, user manual print-out and customized logo sticker are all optional according to your requests.

Long-term Partnership
We believe our success and growth come from our customers, so we always take our customers as long-term partners.  We prepare customized marketing materials for product promotion.  What else, we could support marketing fund for advertisement, promotion, and seminars.  On the technical side, our experienced technicians will reply your technical issue efficiently.  As for RMA, we could offer RMA buffer together with shipment according to each case.  In this way, you could exchange defective unit with your customers right away.

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